In winter, it’s easy for a nice home, facility or workplace to turn into a disheveled mess. With the drop in temperatures, snow, salt and ice can make flooring look ragged, discolored and stained. Plus, with moisture build-up, your home or workplace can be subjected to mold and mildew with repeated exposure. A frequent deep clean can prevent these things from happening. Here’s a winter checklist to implement into your cleaning strategies — and one you can pass on to your cleaning professional to make sure they don’t miss a spot!

  1. Frequently clean entryways (mats and all!)

Snow, salt, chemicals, dirt and debris can easily brush off onto your flooring. Make sure to clean your entryway mats frequently to avoid transferring debris to the floor. Wooden floors can start to swell if they are subjected to too much moisture. Laminate can also curl up and look frayed and unappealing. On top of this, the harsh texture of salt can peel off the top protective layer on your flooring that provides traction. A professional cleaning service can use the right products to neutralize harmful chemicals found in treated salts to avoid this situation!

  1.    Give your carpeted areas a deep clean

A regular steam cleaning by professional cleaners will take a dirty, stained carpet and make it new again. Plus, it eliminates germs, debris, dirt and chemicals that embed themselves in the fibres of the carpet. Moisture control is also important with carpeting. A carpet that is repeatedly soaked will eventually grow mold or mildew within it. Frequent deep cleans will ensure that your carpet stays in good shape over time.

  1.    Implement sanitization strategies

Wintertime is notorious for the flu season and repeated exposure to illness. Since everyone is indoors and sharing the same common areas, a space can get contaminated quickly. This is especially true in workplaces and public facilities. Implement a thorough and frequent cleaning routine that includes a concentrated focus on germ hot spots. Germ hotspots are areas that germs are likely to be present such as door handles, light switches, kitchen appliances, bathroom surfaces and more. If these areas are cleaned frequently, especially during the winter months during cold and flu season, it will reduce the spread of germs.

  1. Check Air Quality

Air quality is also very important to consider for a winter cleaning checklist. Every building, facility or home must have good air quality. Air pollutants can actually help bacteria thrive inside. Dust and mold can cause or even exacerbate current health problems. A professional cleaning service can inspect and clean out your vents and air ducts, replace HEPA filters and improve ventilation in your building, facility or home.

If you’re looking to give your building or home a deep clean this winter get in touch with us today to get the process started!