When you’re busy or tired, the last thing on your mind is cleaning your home. However, if you keep it neglected you will only create an unhealthy environment for you and yours to live in. For your sake and theirs, you need to hire professional house cleaning services Toronto.

However, before you go ahead and call the first phone number you find, here’s a quick checklist on what to look for when hiring residential cleaning services Toronto.

1.     Do They Screen Their Workers?

Opening your home to people you don’t really know is always a risk. With house cleaning services Mississauga you need to first make sure that they’re doing a thorough background check on all their employees, including drug and alcohol screenings and criminal records. If they’re not doing this or if their screening process seems too lax to you, you should avoid hiring them.

2.     Are They Insured?

Imagine an employee of the house cleaning company you hired accidentally breaks an expensive porcelain vase you had. Or that same worker slips and injures herself while cleaning in your home. For both situations you need to ensure that the company carries liability and employee’s compensation insurance. Otherwise, you’ll never get compensation for your broken vase and will be held accountable for the injury of that worker in your home. This way, their insurance will cover the cost.

3.     Can They Provide References?

Another thing you should do before hiring house cleaning services Toronto is ask if they can provide any references from either past or current customers. If they don’t have any customer testimonials, how can you tell if they’re going to do a good cleaning job?

4.     What Cleaning Products do They Use?

Some cleaning products can damage sensitive surfaces and materials or they are not ecologically safe. You should ask the representative of the janitorial company what cleaning products they use to ensure they are safe to use in your home. Also, if you have any allergies or pets, it is imperative that they are not using anything toxic. Finally, it goes without saying, they need to use their own products. If they say they want to use your stuff, just hang up the phone.

5.     How Much do They Charge?

Finally, we’ve come to the price. Professional residential cleaning services Mississauga are able to provide you with an estimate or quote for their services based on the size of your home, number of rooms and other information. This probably won’t be the final price, but at least you’ll know whether they fit into your budget or not.