Keeping your office as clean and presentable as possible requires thorough, large-scale cleanings and everyday tidy-ups. With crowds of people moving in and out of your office every day, accidents are bound to happen. It’s a good idea to have some cleaning products available at all times to manage the occasional spill, stain, or any other mess. Here are the five most effective cleaning products that every office should have on-hand.

1. Glass Cleaner

If your office has large windows or glass doors, you know how quickly these surfaces can become smudged and dirty. Not only do these smudges make your office look unprofessional—they can also cause damage to the glass if left for too long. Keep some glass cleaner on-hand so you can quickly wipe away any smudges as they occur.

2. Disinfecting Wipes

An all-purpose cleaning tool, disinfecting wipes are the perfect cleaning product for any sticky situation you may encounter in the office. Use them to wipe down the break room table after lunch, or to clean up after an accidental coffee spill at your desk. Disinfecting wipes are also safe to use when wiping down your computer, keyboard, and other office electronics and supplies.

3. Stain Removers

Spilling food or liquid on to your lap is not only embarrassing, it can also permanently damage your clothes and disrupt your professional presentations. Keeping a stain removal stick or wipes on-hand in the office is a good way to make sure all your employees look their best, even when accidents happen. Stain removers can also be used on carpets and upholstered furniture.

4. White Vinegar

This home remedy is a great backup cleaning product if you’ve run out of chemical cleaners. White vinegar has many of the same properties as chemical cleaners, so it’s a good alternative if nothing else is available. For instance, white vinegar can be used to clean out your coffee machine: simply run one cycle with white vinegar and then one with water to keep your coffee maker clean and mold-free.

5. Air Freshener

Nothing is more off-putting than an unpleasant smell travelling throughout the office. Keep a can of air freshener on-hand to eliminate nasty odors before meetings or visits from important clients. If you’re not too fond of the artificial scent of some air freshers, choose an unscented variety that will mask odors without supplying a harsh fragrance.

Keeping these cleaning products on-hand will make it easier to keep your office as presentable as possible. If you need extra support keeping your office clean and organized, trust the professional team at Empire Capitol. For more information about our professional cleaning services, contact us today!