Do you run a modern workplace free of traditional desks and workstations? Many new businesses have created office spaces that have open concept designs with large communal tables and designated relaxation areas. This creative solution helps to foster collaborative work between colleagues, consolidate workplace hierarchies and create a better environment for employees, overall.

Modern office spaces tend to have more furniture like couches, large banquette tables, comfortable chairs, rugs and other furniture and decorative elements. These furniture pieces must be tended to regularly to keep the office clean both for appearance and for health and safety levels. Here are some reasons why upholstery and furniture cleaning is significant to the modern office.

Removing Dust, Debris and Allergens

Dust, debris and allergens get embedded in the fibers of furniture and wear at upholstery over time. Since fabric is a breeding ground for allergens, this can cause allergic reactions among your employees that can make them quite ill and cause them to go home sick. It’s important to hire professional cleaning companies to give your office furniture a deep clean to avoid this altogether.

Another reason why it’s beneficial to remove dust and debris is because dust particles can actually wear at your furniture over time. This is hard to see with the naked eye initially and you may not notice it as it happens until your new couch looks withered and not so new anymore!

A regular deep clean can remedy this. Even if you have an old couch that is looking a little worn, a deep upholstery clean can make a huge difference to its appearance. Revitalizing old furniture can save you on costs that you can invest into other areas of your company.

Making an impression

When you’re having meetings with new clientele, partners or business associates you really want to make a good first impression. Bringing people into offices that are unkempt, or have furniture that just doesn’t look the part is really going to say something about your company before you’ve even entered the meeting room.

Upholstery cleaning will ensure that your office’s furniture looks and feels revitalized, fresh and clean. With a regular deep clean of the “hot spots” of your office, you’ll be able to control the spread of germs and allergens better, have a nicer looking office and no one is going to know about that slice of garlic pizza that was dropped on the main floor’s couch last week. Trust us… they will not know about it!

If you run a modern office space in Toronto, consider hiring Empire Capitol for the job! Get in touch with us today to get the process started.