Cleaning Service Company in Toronto

Now that you have already decided you want a cleaning service to keep your business clean, or if you want to hand over maintenance of your property to a third-party, you need to make a selection from the wide range of Toronto cleaning service companies. After all, some companies excel at dealing with certain things and properties better than other properties. If you need office cleaning in Toronto, then you need to find a company that specializes in commercial cleaning.

Here’s how to narrow down from a large list of candidates in Toronto area.

Check the Company Availability

While from your end it may seem like all a cleaning company has to do is come over and keep your business or property clean, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes and it’s mostly all about good logistics. Good cleaning companies have systems in place that allow them to operate extremely efficiently, but more importantly allow them to scale. Without proper supervision and management their availability may be an issue and this can cause problems.

You may also want to think about geography of the company. Where is it located and what is their service area? Hiring a cleaning service that can be there within half an hour if the need arises can be very beneficial compared to working with Toronto cleaning service companies with headquarters far away from the space you need maintained.

Verify Their Credentials

If you’ve read our guide on choosing a good cleaning company, you know that making sure the company you are working with has all of its licenses and legal paperwork in order – this can’t be stressed enough. However, verifying their credentials goes beyond that. You can always put in a bit more effort to find out if someone else is using that cleaning service, so you can see exactly how satisfied other clients are with the service being provided. Ask for some references from them of both current clients and previous clients. This way you can check them out and this will make you feel comfortable with them knowing that others like using their cleaning services.

Compare the Quote

Naturally, this is a business decision you’re making here, and you want to get most bang for your buck. However, the hiring of Toronto cleaning service companies is one of those instances where you don’t necessarily want to go with the lowest bidder. There is always a reason why one company is priced much lower then all the others and most of the time it’s because they pay their staff cheap wages in order to secure more accounts. They are able to stay in business because they clean accounts in a larger volume due to lower prices than anyone else.

Most of the time this hurts the quality of the service and generally will be a waste of your money. If you go this route expect the cleaners to come in and just take out the garbage and even then many days you will come in and garbage will be missed. Make sure you get a good breakdown of what will be done and when. They should be able to provide a cleaning schedule with the quote.

Escape Clause

So, you have found the company whose quote is acceptable and whose credentials look good enough for you to work with. If the cleaning company is a reputable company they will require you to sign a contract. They will commit their resources to ensure proper service is provided to your property and without a contract they won’t risk their business or their people. However most cleaning contracts from reputable companies come with an escape clause where you can cancel within 30-60 days notice if you’re not happy.

This ensures you are not locked into a contract with a cleaning service provider you’re not happy with.

If you follow the points discussed in this post, you should be set up and good to go on the quest of finding Toronto cleaning service companies you’d want to work with. For more information on us as a top Toronto Cleaning Company or for a free no obligation cleaning quote give us a call at 1.800.219.3904 or click here for a cleaning quote.