Cleaning during the Flu Season

If you want to keep your workplace healthy this flu season, regular cleaning is vital to ensuring that germs that cause colds and the flu don’t spread. Even if you already have a cleaning protocol in place, or if your workplace looks clean, bacteria can still be present and ready to infect the next person who wanders into the kitchen. It’s particularly important that health care institutions and facilities like hospitals, retirement homes and clinics have specific cleaning methods implemented to control the spread of germs during flu season as they work with sensitive populations in close quarters.

Other institutions that deal with masses of people like educational facilities, schools and universities should also take this into consideration for the health and safety of their staff and students. Regular cleaning along with focusing on germ hot spots is absolutely crucial to keep your workplace safe, in order to see a reduction in illness during the flu season. Here’s some information on how to implement this knowledge into cleaning practices.

Hot Spots

Germs can easily be spread in a workplace if hot spots aren’t tended to regularly. Think about it: an employee has a cold and he blows his nose into a tissue and his germs come in contact with the elevator, 2-3 door handles, a light switch, the washroom, a coffee pot, a hand he’s shaken and more. By this time, he’s exposed his illness to almost all common areas of his workplace.

Regular cleaning of these surfaces are highly important to kill germs on contact — especially during the fall and winter months when cold and flu infections are at an all-time high. Investing in a frequent and thorough cleaning service will help you see a reduction in the spread of germs. If you want to see less sick days and continual productivity, this is the way to go!


Employees should be well versed in hygiene methods to reduce the spread of germs as well. Regular handwashing especially after coughing and sneezing makes a huge difference in this case. Other initiatives include: installing hand sanitizing stations in the office, automatic toilet flushers and sensor-activated soap dispensers and hand-dryers as all are hands-free. Finally, if possible, workplaces (and even schools) should also give allowances to people who become ill to let them stay home and rest and get over their period of contagiousness.

Hire professional cleaners

During the cold and flu season, it’s best not to risk the spread of viruses and instead hire a cleaning company that is specially trained to attend to the cleaning details mentioned above. Increasing cleaning frequencies, using specific cleaning techniques and equipment and proper procedures can combat contamination and provide a healthy workplace for your employees. Are you looking for a dependable and professional commercial cleaning service? Get in touch with us today to get the process started.