How to Clean Common Office Carpet Stains

Many offices are carpeted, and with so many employees and clients coming in and out of the office each day, it’s easy for dirt to pile up. A stained carpet is not only unpleasant to look at, but it can also cause moisture damage to your floors! If someone spills something on your office carpet, it’s important to have the stain cleaned as soon as possible to prevent it from setting and causing more permanent damage. Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning common office crept stains as soon as they happen. Coffee Stains If the coffee is always flowing at your office, you can expect a spill or two. Luckily, coffee stains on your carpet are pretty easy to treat if you clean them right away. Start by dabbing the affected area with a clean, dry cloth. Be careful not to press too hard—the goal is to soak up as much liquid as

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Award Winner for Top Commercial and Industrial Janitorial Services in the 2017

Empire Capitol International Inc. crowned Top Choice Award Winner for Top Commercial and Industrial Janitorial Services in the 2017 Annual Top Choice Award Survey Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, CA -- March 9th, 2017 -- Top Choice Awards has announced that Empire Capitol International Inc. has been crowned the winner for Top Commercial and Industrial Janitorial Services of 2017 in the city of Greater Toronto Area. Empire Capitol International Inc. has set new standards for quality, service, image, value and professionalism. We have excelled in our category through hard work and complete dedication to our customers. This award is a testament to the skill, passion and vision of our company. We truly appreciate this recognition and the association with the exclusive Top Choice Award circle of winners in North America. Top Choice Awards is an International market research firm, focusing on the experience of the customers. Since 2005, winners are released annually to recognize and showcase

Why You Should Hire Toronto Cleaning Services

Ever walked into a fancy restaurant and come across dirty floors and toilets? What does that tell you about that business? And how do you feel about eating at a restaurant like that? Would you eat  there ever again? People will also view your business in a similar manner in the event the circumstances are the same. Your products and services are important, yes! But your office's cleanliness and hygiene level also helps in striking the right chord with your customers, clients, employees and visitors. Running a small propriety, midsize business or even a large company is quite a challenge. From securing orders to prospecting for new business, you and your staff will already have enough on your plate. Being responsible for cleaning your business and keeping it fresh and tidy is the last thing you need to be worried about. This is why you should hire a Toronto cleaning services company. 5 Reasons Why You Should