Top 5 Restaurants in Mississauga, Ontario

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#1. Piatto Bistro

There are several reasons why this elegant little Italian bistro is booked weeks in advance: a service that is friendly, refined, and open-minded to ingredient substitutes; a quaint décor complete with a huge wine cellar and fireplace; and decently priced, high-quality, classic Italian food.

Despite talks about closing, fear not—this Dundas Street favorite is slated to remain for a couple more years before condos go up, at which point the restaurant will surely relocate due to customer demand.

#2. Peter’s on Eglinton

Feeling hungrier than usual? Peter’s is the place for you. Mississauga’s favourite family restaurant has been serving up portions so massive—and delicious—that they are fit for a king… and all his knights! While the atmosphere of this place might seem kitschy and outdated, it’s all part of the charm. Peter’s is the ideal place to enjoy a Souvlaki platter or smoked meat sandwich.

#3. Burrito Boyz

You’re probably asking yourself what a burrito chain is doing on a top-five list, but this is, in fact, a must-try. If you like burritos or any Mexican cuisine, Burrito Boyz has everything you could possibly ask for. A fully loaded burrito costs just $8 and it will fill you up for the day! With a generous amount of ingredients, all fresh as can be, it’s no wonder why these burritos are selling like hotcakes and have become a Mississauga favourite. A well-oiled machine with fresh food and friendly staff will keep you coming back for more.

#4. Masala Bites

You can’t put together a top-five list without considering delectable Indian cuisine—a Canadian favourite. There was no way this Eglinton gem wouldn’t make the cut. Masala Bites is a family-run Mississauga staple with fresh ingredients and piping hot, traditional Indian and Pakistani food, with tons of vegetarian and vegan options to boot! Don’t miss their affordable weekend offer—an all-you-can-eat buffet!

#5. Union Social Eatery

This modern, high-energy resto-bar continues to impress Mississauga with its innovative dishes and drinks. The food here is incredible in its uniqueness, like the almond crusted chicken or the banh-mi tacos—every dish oozes with effort. Whether you’re here on your lunch break, meeting friends for dinner, or catching a Leafs game at the bar, the Union Social Eatery’s exceptional recipes are sure to impress you.

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